Woman Reveals Her ‘Slug’ Eyebrows After Botched Beauty Procedure in Viral Video

One woman took to TikTok to share a recent beauty fail, and viewers seemed to appreciate the hilarious clip. The video has been viewed over 320,000 times since it was posted just one day ago, racking up over 16,000 likes and 800 comments.

The video, posted by Sarah Donnelly, features the aftermath of her eyebrow lamination-gone-wrong. For context, brow lamination is a procedure in which one’s eyebrow hairs are lifted into a desired, fuller-looking shape.

The process “takes your unruly or thinning brow hair and smoothes it out while also lifting the hair in a more vertical direction,” explained brow expert Amber Harrison to Allure in 2019. “The end result is super smooth brows that look like you have brow gel on them.”

The results of the procedure, which uses chemical agents to straighten the hairs and hold them in place, typically last up to eight weeks. However, Manchester-based Donnelly might be hoping for her results to fade sooner rather than later.

In her video, found here, Donnelly begins by showing herself laughing hysterically—while hiding the upper section of her face from the camera.

“I had my eyebrows laminated for the first time,” wrote Donnelly in the video’s onscreen captions. “Here are the results.”

Meanwhile, the TikToker says to the camera: “I look so ridiculous.”

Donnelly then finally reveals her brows. Indeed, they are jarring: the thick, black eyebrows jump out against her fair complexion and blonde hair.

Because brow laminating doesn’t involve the use of color or pigment, it appears that Donnelley was also subjected to a brow tint during the procedure—hence the too-dark color.

“Oh my god,” she said, still howling with laughter. “I don’t know if I want to laugh or cry.”

Viewers appeared shocked by the result of Donnelly’s brow lamination—and many more found creative ways to describe her new eyebrows in the comments section.

“What the actual fur burgers are those,” wrote @alwaysbeyou75, to which Donnelly replied: “Slugs my love. Those are my slugs.”

Other commenters compared the new brows to beloved, well-known characters, including Mr. Bean and the animated birds featured in the popular Angry Birds smartphone game.

Others, however, reassured Donnelly, explaining that brow laminations can look strange for the first few days after the treatment.

“In…a couple of days these will look epic,” wrote @emma.1988.

“Give it a couple days for the tint to fade a bit,” wrote @jessicaleighhhh before adding: “guarantee you’ll love them.”

Newsweek reached out to Donnelly for comment.

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A TikToker recently revealed her shocking look after having an eyebrow lamination procedure done. A model getting her eyebrows done at Milan Fashion Week, 2020.
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