Why This Facial Rejuvenation Expert Takes This Supplement

For Kung, it all comes down to thoughtful formulations. “Sustainable and clean beauty products rooted in science are important to me but hard to find. This is why I personally love the new cellular beauty+ formula. There is nothing like it on the market,” she says. “The four high-quality ingredients and their dosing are informed by clinical studies. This unique combination simultaneously supports my skin barrier, moisture, texture, and glow—from the inside out! This smart beauty supplement will be a lifelong tool for me to maximize my cellular beauty potential.”*

She’s not wrong: The supplement is the only one on the market that combines these four unique plant bioactives. What’s more, they’re included at percentages with proven efficacy, which isn’t true of all supplements.

For example, the astaxanthin in this formula is clinically shown to enhance skin quality.* In one study, astaxanthin supplementation significantly improved skin elasticity, smoothness, and hydration in just 12 weeks.* Another study found astaxanthin improved skin wrinkles, age spot size, and skin texture.* And in a recent double-blind clinical, subjects reported significant improvement in moisture levels (especially around the eyes), overall improved elasticity, and appearance of tone.* Another recent double-blind clinical found that it can even help skin’s water-retention capacity and reduce barrier damage.*

The phytoceramides promote hydration and barrier health.* In one study, participants who took a phytoceramide-rich wheat extract oil for three months saw up to a 35% improvement in skin hydration.* And you might not even have to wait that long for results; in another study participants saw improved skin hydration after just 15 days.*

Then two other powerful antioxidants round out the lineup: coenzyme Q10 and pomegranate whole fruit extract. CoQ10 is a naturally occurring oil-soluble antioxidant that fights free radicals and preserves cellular membranes and structures.* This can help improve skin texture: One study found that CoQ10 supplementation reduces wrinkles and lines while enhancing skin smoothness.* 

Finally, pomegranate whole fruit extract can help skin deal with environmental stressors, like from UV exposure. Clinical studies have shown that this targeted phytonutrient-rich botanical has the ability to enhance photoprotection in the skin, meaning your skin cells are better equipped to deal with UV rays and their subsequent effects.* For example, one randomized controlled trial found that the pomegranate extract increased skin’s resilience against UVB rays, as well as changes to the skin microbiome.* Another—this one, a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial—found that taking pomegranate extract orally could help with common sun-induced pigmentation.*

Bottom line? This revolutionary formula seriously delivers.

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