What is the best copy trade software? Here’s the Guide for Beginners


COPY TRADING is the easiest way to make forex transactions for beginners, or people who don’t have time to make forex transactions.

With forex copy trading best copy trade software we can get profit without having to be able to trade by copying the trades of the best-selected traders in the world.

All traders who run copy trading already have years of trading experience and of course, have gone through a strict selection process on the part of the broker. Brokers will not choose traders who have a trading history that always loses or loses because it will harm the people who become their followers.

Well, the best traders are called STRATEGY PROVIDER.

Your job is as a STRATEGY FOLLOWER best copy trade software. It’s easy, just activate the FOLLOW button.

So, what factors must be considered in choosing a Strategy Provider?

  1. Average Growth/profit growth every month.
  2. Profitability: the total amount of fund growth since the start of trading.
  3. Max Drawdown (DD): the largest amount of losses experienced by a Strategy Provider. The smaller the Max DD, the smaller the risk of loss.
  4. Age of Trading: the trading period given by the Strategy Provider to the Broker. Remember, a long timeframe does not guarantee a bigger profit, sometimes a Strategy Provider with a shorter trading timeframe can give you more profit.
  5. Drawdown recovery period: the period given by the Strategy Provider to recover losses due to Drawdown.
  6. Recommended minimum: is the minimum deposit amount to become a follower of a Strategy Provider.

How Strategy Providers work best copy trade software

For example, the balance on the Strategy Provider account is $1000 and the balance on your account is $2000 (2 times more).

If the Strategy Provider opens a new position and trades 1 lot making it $100, then you will earn $200 because the volume is 2 times larger than the Strategy Provider’s account.

Benefits of being a Strategy Follower best copy trade software

  1. Can choose hundreds to thousands of Strategy Providers from all over the world.
  2. You can earn $1 to hundreds or even thousands of dollars a day without stress and you don’t need to open Meta Trader 4 and analyze trades.
  3. If your Strategy Provider choice is right, then you will get a consistent monthly profit.
  4. Ability to set the maximum loss according to your taste.
  5. Save electricity and time because you don’t have to watch price movements continuously on the monitor screen.
  6. You can change Strategy Provider according to your taste.
  7. Profits earned can be immediately disbursed at any time without having to wait for the end of the month.
  8. Withdraw profits directly to local banks without any additional fees.

How, easy and simple right? For more information: zulutrade

But remember, forex trading is a high risk.



Trading forex on margin transfers an elevated level of risk and for some investors, this investment option may not be appropriate. The high potential that exists can provide benefits but also losses intended for you. Before determining to engage in foreign exchange trading, you are advised to research your asset purposes, experience, and risk desire. Your potential for losses, losing some or all of the initial investment will remain. You are advised not to invest funds that are essential for your survival. You must be conscious of all the risks related to foreign exchange trading and request advice from a self-determining financial consultant.

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