The Biggest Men’s Fashion Trends Of 2021 According To Stylist Ilaria Urbinati

What is trending in the world of men’s fashion for fall 2021? It can be hard to keep track of what styles are in and out, especially compared to the over-the-top nature of women’s fashion. Men’s style is all about the little details and small touches that make an outfit great, so to get a better understanding of the men’s fashion landscape, I reached out to celebrity stylist Ilaria Urbinati.

Ilaria is one of the preeminent menswear stylists, working with such celebrity clients as Tom Hiddleston, Rami Malek, and Dwayne Johnson, to name just a few. She’s been repeatedly named one of the world’s “Most Powerful Stylists” by The Hollywood Reporter and recently recognized as “Curator of the Year” at the Daily Front Row Awards, and her work has been featured in The New York Times, Vogue, GQ, and Vanity Fair. She even runs her own men’s lifestyle website,, where she shares style, travel, fitness, and lifestyle inspiration for men.

Naturally, there is no one better to share what the biggest trends in men’s fashion this season will be. According to Ilaria, these are the 5 biggest fashion trends for men this fall:

  1. High-waisted pleated pants in carrot shape or wide-legged. 
  2. Primary colors: bright blue, bright red, bright yellow, mixed with black and white. A lot of color blocking.
  3. A lot of leather
  4. Bold, printed knits.
  5. Sweater vests.

SARAH BOYD: How can men incorporate these trends into their fall wardrobes?

ILARIA URBINATI: Sweater vests are going to feel funny and nerdy to some guys, but actually they look “smart” as the Brits say. I think the oversized ones seen at some of the men’s runways aren’t realistic for everyday life, but a nice normal-fit one over a button-up and trousers looks amazing.

High-waisted pants have been my favorite for a while now, and they have really taken over now. Every single guy needs some of these in their closets. If you’re not ready to give up slimmer cuts, get yourself a nice slim tapered pleated trouser and throw on a little skinny belt with it à la Saint Laurent. But most guys I find are very happy to get away from skinny pants. 

Primary colors: the best trend that could happen as EVERYONE—and I mean EVERYONE—looks good in red or in blue. Don’t even try and argue that with me. You don’t need the head-to-toe tonal look, just a nice pop. A blue sweater vest over a white button-up and black trouser will look awesome. A simple red sweater is always elegant with black or brown pants, or even just thrown over any jeans. Yellow is a tougher color but looks great when pulled off. You just have to find the right shade for your skin tone. If you’re not ready to try bright colors, maybe just try a fun touch of it on a shoe or your wallet. If you’re bold, go for a bold bright colored trouser. A no-brainer is a bomber jacket in a bold color. 

Bold patterns: these are again easiest worn on a knit. A cool, slightly grunge-style sweater in a bold pattern à la Prada is awesome. Just channel a little Cobain and you won’t feel too weird about it.

Leather is the toughest one to incorporate and realistically only for the fashion brave. If you’re willing to go there, a leather trench or coat is just gorgeous, and maybe avoid wearing all black so no one asks you how much clothes cost in The Matrix.

SB: What trends are you excited to bring to the red carpet?

IU: Sweater vests, pops of color, and pleated high-waisted trousers until I’m blue in the face.

SB: What styles are on their way out?

IU: Oh, just burn your straight skinny pants already; no one wants to see them anymore. On a suit, if you’re just the wider leg guy, go for SLIM, not skinny, or for a more tapered style with the volume mostly on top. This is a favorite look of mine and often will have my tailor do this on trousers for red carpet clients.

SB: What classic styling tips do you use with your clients that every man should learn?

IU: These days, I like to pull the trousers a bit higher up. I don’t love low-waisted suit pants; it really starts to look too office. So I try to dig up a high-waisted trouser and then I’ll pull them up a bit, belt, or tailor the waist in so they stay up…sometimes I’ll even drop the crotch on the trouser if I must (I realize that last thing does not qualify as a “classic” tip), and often I taper the ankle or even slim the calf a bit to make it more of a realistic pant to wear. Unless you’re quite tall, the wide-all-the-way-down look is harder to pull off. Then I tuck in absolutely everything, even knits. 

You can learn more about Ilaria Urbinati and get more fashion inspiration from her on her website

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