The 7 Hair Trends For Autumn 2021 That Experts Predict Will Be Big

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Crucially, the fringe is not just for straight hair either. Vernon François, celebrity hairdresser and Redken’s global consultant, says that while they’re often showcased on straight hair, fringes are “also very much for curls, coils and waves”. “Into autumn, playfully style underneath a hat, ideally silk-lined to keep friction and tangling to a minimum, and twist small sections in the direction that hair naturally turns for definition,” he advises.

6.Luxe-looking hair


“The current ’20s can be likened to the 1920s, because lockdown felt a bit like the prohibition era,” says Larry King. “Now we’re all feeling like we deserve a bit of the roaring ’20s glamour. Saving it for something special is no more – now it’s here to be had any and every day.” As well as movement and embracing one’s natural texture, this look revolves around healthy and happy hair, whether curly or straight. Maintaining it (or bringing it back to life) is key so aim for mirror-like shine and products that foster strength, vitality and overall health. 

7.Buzz cuts


For low-maintenance types, look no further than the buzz cut. “The great thing about buzz cuts is that they’re easy to keep looking neat and tidy, so you will always look polished for work or a night out,” says Mensah. “For most women, a buzz cut is a radical hairstyle that will change how others perceive you, so be prepared for lots of comments and remarks on your new look – few people have the confidence to go for a buzz cut, so enjoy that limelight.”

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