My Favorite Fashion Trends This Fall

Fall is here, and you know what that means … fall fashion! Now that the heat is —— hopefully— — disappearing, it’s time to bring out some warmer wear to match the autumn chill. To celebrate, here is a list of my top five favorite fall fashion trends of 2021!

Number Five: Leather Mid-Calf Chelsea Boots

My favorite part of the fall season has always been boots. As someone whose spring and summer wear tends to be on the cuter side, fall boots are a welcoming transition to something a little bit tougher. And this year, nothing is as tough as these mid-calf Chelsea boots. The way the sleeve of the boot hugs the calf is reminiscent of a comic book superhero. Wearing these with darker, tighter silhouettes will give the impression you are ready to kick a– anytime, anyplace. These platforms are especially nice if you want to lean into their intimidating nature. 

However, if you are looking for something a bit more low-key, these boots can still work for you! Getting ones with a little bit more room on the calf can make them look more like chunky rain boots, without the squeaky rubber. Paired with some looser, brighter-colored clothing, the Chelsea boots take on a new persona that lends itself more towards an oversized streetwear look. Additionally, you can buy these boots in white, resulting in a fresher, 70s-inspired vintage look — think Go-Go boots. 

If you are looking for some new boots this season, these are the ones to buy! Not only are they cool now, but they also have a decent amount of staying power, making them less of a trend and more of a staple in the fashion world. 

Number Four: Straight Leg Utility Pants

Looking at another great piece from a similar aesthetic, utility pants are here now, and boy am I excited. If you’re like me and have worn the same medium wash Levis for the past five days, these are the pants for you. They are just simple enough to match with anything, but have enough personality for someone to stop you on the street and say, “Hey! Cute pants!”

The draw of these pants is in the name: utility. They make me feel like I am on my way to scale a building, learn how to metalwork, or smash a car with a sledgehammer, even if what I am really doing is sitting in the Geisel Library typing an essay on my laptop. They radiate power in such a way that I feel more confident when wearing them. 

I personally prefer these utility pants in black or tan. I find that these colors blend into my wardrobe the best, and are the easiest to match with pieces such as a vintage t-shirt. I also like matching them with simple tank tops or oversized long sleeves. However, for those of you who prefer something a little bit flashier, I recommend these pants in a bright red, perhaps with white stitching on the edges. Regardless of whichever color you choose, you better believe that you’ll look great. 

Number Three: Rugby Polos

Out of everything on this list, the oversized rugby polo took the longest time for me to come around to. It sort of felt like both a retread of past trends and something silly that probably wouldn’t stay around for long. But after walking around campus for a bit and seeing them everywhere, I must admit I was wrong. 

I think the biggest reason I have come to admit that the rugby polo is a worthy piece of fashion is due to its stripes. After a spring and summer filled with florals, florals, and more florals, a more modest, classic stripe was well overdue. The rugby polo delivers, with its thick blocks running across the soft, light fabric. I have also come around to the whitecollar, which I contribute to the revival of Gossip Girl and its preppy costume design. 

A majority of the rugby polos I have seen were in navy blue, red, forest green, or white — or some combination of the four. These colors fit in extremely well with the fall color scheme, especially for those who, like me, have curated a wardrobe that essentially copies the style of Season 2 of “Stranger Things.” This shirt makes me want to curl up in an armchair and sip hot cocoa as it rains outside. So even though it took me a while to understand you, rugby polo, I will admit you are a great part of  fall 2021 fashion. 

Number Two: Platform Loafers

Dark academia, here we come!

In all honesty, the dark academia aesthetic has never been for me. It has always been something that I enjoyed from afar, blazers and button-downs staying on the Pinterest board instead of my closet. But believe me when I say that these shoes are probably the piece that I have been most excited to see become popular. 

Since loafers have been a part of fashion for decades and decades, I could never find them in a casual context because they were something my dad always wore to work, or my friends wore when they went to church. That is why it’s so interesting to see a modified version of this classic shoe everywhere. By adding a heel or platform and sometimes a fun adornment on the tongue, the loafer seems to be completely reinvented!

My personal favorite version of this shoe has to be the Doc Marten 1461 Platforms in smooth leather. They are durable and match everything I wear. Not to mention, Doc Martens are known to last forever. However, for someone who isn’t as into the tall platform, I also like the ones with a short loafer heel. They give off slightly dressier vibes, which is fun for those who like to dress a bit fancier. Both of these shoes pair well with the recent spring and summer trend of lettuce-edged socks: the pair of them really selling the academia vibe. 

Number One: Leather Blazer Jackets

And now, for my favorite fall fashion trend…

The leather jacket has come to be what many consider a “closet staple” for fall. While fall materials and patterns constantly go in and out of style — see corduroy — leather is something that has a tremendous amount of staying power. It’s sleek, it’s cool, and it’s a way to transform any look from good to great. 

While the popular leather jackets of the past gave off punk, greaser vibes, the blazer jacket is a welcome change. Both chic and classy, this jacket makes it feel like you are walking through the big city on the way to your job at a cool magazine company — yes, I may or may not fantasize about this every day. The silhouette shape makes you feel mysterious and powerful, not unlike Keanu Reeves in “The Matrix.”

If you could only get one new item of clothing this fall, get the leather blazer jacket. Vintage yet modern, serious yet fun, and cool but not in a trying too hard way, the leather blazer jacket is what I want fall fashion to be. Pieces like this are what make me excited to get dressed in the morning. 

Overall, I think it has been a pretty good season, fashion-wise. Have fun this autumn, and make sure to take pictures of your favorite fall fits!

Photo by Hannah Morgan from Unsplash

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