Jewelry Trends 2023: Bangles, Big Hoops & The Return Of The ’80s

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It’s easy to get caught up in revamping your wardrobe to fit the season’s latest trends. But between the cut-outs, faux fur coats, low-rise jeans, and dip-dye, the fashion trends may begin to seem overwhelming when the outfit options become endless. When you’re standing in the dressing room of Zara trying to determine which item to purchase, let me remind you that jewelry is often what makes and completes an outfit. So keep your fashion simple, grab your favorite black sweater or white button-down and shift your energy to focus on the jewelry trends for 2023. From simple silver hoops to bold bangles, there’s a jewelry trend to add a little extra flair to any look. 

While clothing always tells a story, jewelry is considered to be more personal. You may already have a signature piece that you wear every day or something with deep sentimental value. Oftentimes, these personally valuable pieces lean on the side of individual taste more than a trend, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do both. The best part of jewelry? Layers, stacks and statements pieces. The hardest part is picking which pieces to pair together! 

I interviewed jewelry designer and curator, Stephanie Gottlieb, for an expert opinion on how to play into 2023’s biggest jewelry moments and the key to finding a balance between trendy and timeless. First and foremost, if you’re looking to invest in your personal jewelry collection, it’s best to prioritize purchasing pieces that will maintain quality and value.

“I always recommend for a new buyer to start with the classics like diamond studs, a tennis bracelet, or a diamond stack bands and then if you’re wanting to introduce the trendy pieces do that after you’ve already built the wardrobe of the staples,” Gottlieb advises.

But when it comes to trendy pieces, Gottlieb says the opposite, “Buy costume to start and upgrade over time as the budget allows. You can sprinkle in less expensive fashion-forward trendy pieces.” 

STYLECASTER | Jewelry Trends 2023

Tom Ford; iMaxTree.

Her advice seems simple enough—invest in quality, play with quantity! Luckily, 2023’s jewelry trends give you the opportunity to do a bit of both. Classic silver and gold pieces aren’t going anywhere—if anything, they’re getting more popular. If you’ve already built a collection of Hailey Bieber-inspired gold hoops (I sure know I have), consider mixing in some silver metal and vice versa. Don’t be afraid to upgrade your classic metals but simply going bigger. 

According to Gottlieb, “We’re going to see a big comeback of the ‘80s and still some of the ‘90s. Think lots of chunky gold jewelry, big hoops and geometric shapes.” Based on the Spring/Summer ‘23 runway shows, Gottlieb is spot on. 

Keep reading for the five biggest jewelry trends expected to shine throughout 2023 (hey, it’s never too early to start wearing them!).

STYLECASTER | Jewelry Trends 2023

Tory Burch; Jonathan Simkhai, iMaxTree.

A silver or gold cuff is the perfect example of a way to make a subtle statement with just one piece. Cuff bracelets are proving themselves to be the easiest way to elevate any look. The silhouette is often just a thick, arched curve but the impact is big! For starters, cuffs are usually adjustable which means you can wear them in multiple ways. If you prefer a classic look, add a cuff (or two) around your wrist to shine under the sleeve of your shirt or sweater. To make the trend more interesting, slip the cuff up your forearm like the models wore at Missoni, or opt for a wrap-around cuff as seen on the models at Tory Burch.

STYLECASTER | Jewelry Trends 2023

Courtesy of Banana Republic.

Hammered Cuff Bracelet

This silver cuff has a wave structure to it which will help reflect light and make it super eye-catching. Plus, it’s only $30 so it’s a great way to try out to trend without feeling handcuffed to it.

STYLECASTER | Jewelry Trends 2023

Courtesy of Karine Sultan.

Four Row Cuff

I love this tiered cuff for special occasions. Pair it with a strapless or slip dress to add dimension to your look.

STYLECASTER | Jewelry Trends 2023

Jil Sander; Missoni, iMaxTree.

Gold has been associated with first place for long enough, it’s silver’s time to shine. Oversized silver statement hoops were a staple on the spring/summer ’23 runway and the second I saw Bella Hadid wear them during the Jil Sander show, I was sold. I’m putting my bets in now that she repeats the silver hoops for a street-style moment. Oversized silver hoops are another ’80s trend but they look incredibly modern when paired with 2023’s runway trends. For everyday wear, consider downsizing the hoop size (your ears will thank you) and leave the big guys for special occasions.

STYLECASTER | Jewelry Trends 2023

Courtesy of Stephanie Gottlieb.

35mm Tube Hoop Earrings

If you plan on wearing a pair of earrings on a daily basis, it’s definitely worth investing in a pair that won’t irritate your ears or tarnish. This pair of tube hoops by Stephanie Gottlieb are actually made with 14k white gold and are well worth the higher price point.
STYLECASTER | Jewelry Trends 2023

Courtesy of Zara.

Rectangular Earrings

Sometimes it’s just easier to go with a faux-hoop (aka stud). This pair from Zara has a unique rectangular shape that will pair great with your go=to blazer.

STYLECASTER | Jewelry Trends 2023

Blumarine; Coach, iMaxTree.

Thinly beaded necklaces are the perfect trend for layering experts. Whether you’re stacking multiple strands of the same beads, mixing and matching, or just letting a singular strand speak for itself, this boho trend is a casual way to accessorize. Take notes from Blumarine, the totally Y2 K-inspired brand, and add a charm to a beaded strand, or get inspired by Coach’s quirky decision to add unusual objects to a long strand like a sports whistle. You don’t need to wear a flower crown or long skirt for beads to work with your outfit.

STYLECASTER | Jewelry Trends 2023

Courtesy of Nordstrom.

Carabiner Beaded Necklace

Speaking of unconventional objects, this beaded necklace comes with an adorable carabiner charm and makes the perfect gift for an outdoorsy friend.

STYLECASTER | Jewelry Trends 2023

Courtesy of Mejuri.

Coastal Blue Lace Agate Necklace

Mejuri is known for their everyday gold jewelry but turns out they have a great selection of beaded options as well. I love this blue agate necklace for a beachy vibe.

STYLECASTER | Jewelry Trends 2023

Tory Burch; Ulla Johnson, iMaxTree.

Remember when everyone had hair feathers? Me too. Well, we’re bringing the essence of the trend back in a significantly less-cringy way with dangly boho earrings. Whether the earrings have feathers, fringe or simple just hang past your collarbone, this earring trend is a fun alternative to the sparkly night-luxe earrings we were seeing last season (and work significantly better for daytime activities).

STYLECASTER | Jewelry Trends 2023

Courtesy of Anthropologie.

Circle Drop Earrings

Te studs on this pair of circle drop earrings totally look like a full moon! Wear them to manifest good vibes for 2023.

STYLECASTER | Jewelry Trends 2023

Courtesy of Free People.

Jaxon Stone Hoop

It’s no surprise that Free People is the go-to for boho accessories. I love this pair of charm hoops with long tassel ends.

STYLECASTER | Jewelry Trends 2023

Patbo; Laquan Smith, iMaxTree.

Bangles are back and I’m not mad about it! Bangles are like a cuff bracelet’s fun younger sister–they may not be as sophisticated but they certainly know how to party! The ’80s-inspired accessory is a great way to play up a look for a night out and show off your personality. If you don’t already have bangles stored away from an old Halloween costume, take this trend as an opportunity to build your collection—and I literally mean build it! Building a stack of bangles is the most creative way to participate—geometric shapes, clear acrylics, and animal print patterns are all fair game.

STYLECASTER | Jewelry Trends 2023

Courtesy of Asos.

2-Pack Bangles in Clear and Blue

This is a trend you certainly don’t need to break the bank for. This set of 2 bangles is under $15 and would look amazing with a sparkly mini dress or skirt for girl’s night.

STYLECASTER | Jewelry Trends 2023

Courtesy of Alexis Bittar.

Molten 14K Goldplated Hinged Lucite Bracelet

If you can’t help but splurge on a boujie bangle, I recommend this gold-plated lucite bracelet by Alexis Bittar. It merges the cuff and bangle trends together seamlessly and can go with a formal or casual look.

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