How to Transition Your Skin-Care Routine from Summer to Fall

For major seasonal changes, we’re quick to tweak our skin-care routines, adding creams to combat dryness or incorporating the latest serum to give the best summer glow. But what about when change in temperature isn’t quite as drastic? How exactly do you transition your skin-care routine for fall?

The answer is simple: hydration, hydration, and hydration. The season of cozy sweaters and pumpkin spice also happens to be the season of dry air, thanks to a drop in humidity. The drier air can translate to dehydrated skin, which can be uncomfortable, especially for those with eczema.

Thankfully, you don’t need to completely change up your current routine to boost your hydration levels. A small addition of specialized products and key ingredients like coconut water, marine algae, and hyaluronic acid can keep you moisturized as summer transitions to fall.

Add a Face Mist

Aside from being refreshing, a good face mist can replenish your skin’s hydration levels and restore moisture, all while helping to rebalance the skin’s microbiome. Look for a mist that boasts key ingredients like coconut water (to hydrate) and vitamins A, B, C, and E (to add moisture and plump the skin). Sea water and marine algae are also great additives since they are rich in minerals and antioxidants and act as protective anti-pollutants.

Layer Your Products

A hyaluronic-acid-based serum can provide a boost of hydration, plumping skin and keeping it hydrated throughout the day. Add a layer of serum underneath a water-based moisturizer, or use a serum-soaked sheet mask for some deep hydration.

Lighten Up on Exfoliants

Cooler temps can cause your skin to grow more sensitive, so daily use of ingredients like glycolic acid and retinol can wind up being too aggressive to the skin’s barrier. Opt for AHAs‚ like lactic acid, instead—they’re gentle on sensitive skin, so they’ll be able to improve your skin’s texture and tone without irritating it.

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