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House Of Gucci’s Hairstylist On The Secrets Behind Every One Of Lady Gaga’s Looks

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You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who isn’t obsessed with the new House of Gucci film, out in cinemas tomorrow. Lady Gaga and Adam Driver. Murder. Money. Gucci. And a whole lot of elaborate hairstyles. What’s not to love?

The man behind Lady Gaga’s silver screen transformation into Patrizia Gucci? Her go-to hairstylist, wig expert extraordinaire and JOICO Celebrity Stylist, Frederic Aspiras. Having worked with Gaga for years, Aspiras still remembers the first time like it was yesterday. ‘I was working with Paris Hilton at the time, when my agent called me to work with this new artist for her upcoming Monster Tour,’ he says. ‘The rest is history!’

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When it came to House of Gucci, Aspiras created a comprehensive moodboard before filming even began. ‘I worked very closely with the lead make-up artist to create a directory book dedicated to Lady Gaga’s look. It ended up being over 400 pages of each scene’s hair, make-up and costumes,’ he says. ‘Her character required ten hero custom, full lace, hand-knotted, human hair wigs and one hair fall to add volume and shape. Over 50 original looks were created by the end of filming. Not all looks were included, but all ten wigs were used.’

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Gaga’s on screen arc from Patrizia Reggiani to Patrizia Gucci (no spoilers don’t worry…), meant that the hair looks transformed in sync with the change in her character’s circumstances. ‘Once Patrizia Reggiani finally gets into the wealth of the Gucci dynasty, we were able to tap into more luxurious hairstyles of that time,’ explains Aspiras. ‘Hairstyle trends with spiral rod perms, then frizzy perms. There are photos of the actual Patrizia Reggiani with these looks.’

The painstaking detail and time behind each look was extreme, to say the least. ‘All the looks in the film took hours to create and develop. No style was left unturned,’ reveals Aspiras. ‘Hairstyle trends in Italy during the 1970s were so different to those in the United States. Hairstyles weren’t as fast changing like those in the States, so that had to be accounted for with each hairstyle. These intricate changes to her hair throughout the decades contribute to the natural ageing of the character but also help guide you through the story.’

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On Gaga’s morning hair routine on set:

Each day on set involved a lengthy morning routine to transform Gaga into Patrizia. ‘For three months, we had a 4am call time. Each wig was delicately coloured or highlighted with professional hair colour to depict where the character was in her life, the circumstance and time period. We used JOICO Colorful Anti Fade Collection to maintain the vibrancy of the colour. Next, each wig needed to be cut to the accuracy of that period and the style trend of that year.’

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On the hair trailer:

‘The hair trailer became a headquarters of floor to ceiling moodboards covering the walls. I had photos of the real Patrizia Reggiani next to the continuity photos of Lady Gaga in the wig for the scene, and another photo of the hairstyle inspiration.’

On using traditional styling methods:

‘Each wig was also styled to the accurate method used during that period. From wet pin curls set with setting solution and pins, to the wet rollers set with a hairdryer, brushed and backcombed. We used JOICO Rise Up for immediate volume at the roots and light texture throughout the style. Sticking to these methods and not trying to cut corners by using modern techniques helped the authenticity of the look and empowered Gaga to feel in character.’

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On the real Patrizia:

‘The hair looks for the character Patrizia Reggiani span from 1972 to 1997. There wasn’t much of her life documented in photos or videos as a young woman to refer to, and with the photos available and with the documentary about the murder of Maurizo Gucci I had to create complete forensics of her hairstyles from a young blushing bride to a scorned, convicted older woman.’

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On thinking around the character:

‘It was critical to do investigative reporting all about her lifestyle as a young 24-year-old Italian woman who lived in Rome. So, I had started to think about what culturally and socially affected Patrizia early adult life. Who was her role model? What kind of music did she listen to? What famous Italian actress was popular at that time in her country?’

Check out every one of Gaga’s next level hair looks in House of Gucci in cinemas from tomorrow.

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