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Buyer Guide – Read This Before You Buying a Waist Trainer

Are you looking into getting your new waist trainer? When buying waist cinchers, you might think it’s as simple as purchasing any clothing and choosing one that seems to fit and look well on you. However, this isn’t always applicable.

A waist trainer for women can offer what regular workout clothes don’t: snatched and visible slimmer waist. Purchasing the wrong waist cincher can deem the product useless, so before getting waist trainers anywhere online, consider following these tips:


There are many sizes of  shapewear and waist trainers for sale all-over the internet  If you choose a wrong size of waist trainer, you will feel uncomfortable level of compression and it definitely will affect the result.

In shapewear and waist trainer brands like Shapellx, there are inclusive sizes and also size guides you can keenly follow. Don’t assume you already know your size because some waist cinchers may have a different fit than others, check out the size chart before you place an order.

NeoSweat® 3-In-1 Waist And Thigh Trimmer Butt Lifter With Arm Trimmer

TIP #2: Consider Using a Waist Support

For beginners, wearing waist trainers can pose difficulties such as in your movements and overall comfort. Hence, it’s essential to know your body and its capacities first by getting waist support or wrap to mold your midsection for a perfect fit.

Train your body to have a compression garment before going big and invest in high compression waist cinchers. Not only is a waist wrap beneficial for easing your body to wearing tight waist trainers, but waist support helps add compression underneath body shapers.


NeoSweat® Abdominal Binder Lower Waist Support Belt

TIP #3: Get Waist and Thigh Trainers That You Can Confidently Wear with Your Workout Clothing

Many women love wearing waist trainers and thigh slimmers during workouts for that hourglass body and ensure that the body has enough support for intense workouts. If you’re going to wear workout gear outside, why not get something fabulously colorful?

Shapellx has a plus size waist trainer that will allow you to dress like you’re about to stand out! Among others,  the NeoSweat® 3 in 1 Tie Dye Workout Mix is an eye-candy with bold neon colors that will make someone spot you even during the night. The combination of fun colors will get your blood pumping to get working!

NeoSweat® 3 In 1 Tie Dye Workout Mix


Some women may find it hassling to wear workout clothing and then waist trainers. Hence, you can get an all-in-one waist trainer with leggings instead so that no matter how or where you move, you can effortlessly work your way to being the best version of yourself through exercise.

The NeoSweat® 2 In 1 Slim Extreme has high compression yet breathable mesh fabric to aid in calorie-burning.

NeoSweat® 2 In 1 Slim Extreme

TIP #5: Always Check the Product Description of Each Waist Trainer

One of the top causes of stressful online shopping tends to also fall in the hands of the consumers. Not reading the description of a waist trainer you intend to buy may cause disappointment. Hence, taking a bit of time reading and researching a waist cincher will give you all the knowledge you need to accept or pass.

Thankfully, you don’t have to scan through too much with Shapellx’s easy-to-read and understand product descriptions that will provide you with what you need before every purchase.

Take Shapellx’s NeoSweat® Sport Vest with Triple Belts that can ease back pain and avoid improper use of waist cinchers through thick shoulder strap support.

NeoSweat® Sport Vest With Triple Belts

Black Friday waist trainer shopping might not be precisely the same as shopping for dresses and skirts, but it is proving to be a fun one knowing that you’ll worry less about bra fats, body rolls, and muffin tops when your body trainers arrive. Follow these simple tips so you’ll less likely commit a grave mistake of shopping for an incorrect waist cincher.


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