5 Transitional Hairstyle Trends for Late Summer and Early Fall

As you stash away your bathing suits and flip-flops for the season, it may be time to start thinking about refreshing your hairstyle too. But you don’t want to go full-on autumn or dive head-first into winter — it’s just not time yet — which is why you should think about aiming for a style that’s perfectly transitional. Think: the denim jacket of hair! If you’re unsure where to start, here are a few transitional hairstyle trends for late summer and early fall.

1. Bring On the Braids

There are so many fun ways to wear braids for all different kinds of hair types and aesthetics. Take a look at the protective style of box braids that have been worn by celebrity powerhouses like Beyoncé. With traditional box braids, the braid begins with a small knot at the root of your scalp, but that’s not the only way to go. Try knotless box braids where braided hair is added in small pieces instead. For the classic updo hairstyle and French braid combination, go for the braided chignon.

Play with color by trying blonde hair braiding. It’s one of the best ways to try out a new professional hair color without bleaching all of your hair. You may have seen this cool trend pop up on your feed recently. If you enjoy that look, check out ombre braids as a safe alternative for experimenting with unique colors like purple and baby pink.

It’s not just all about the hair, though. You can add personality to your braids by weaving in jewelry. Make your hair look like a deconstructed pearl necklace by adding gemstone accessories to each braid. This is one of the biggest jewelry trends for 2021. It’s the perfect transition look for that fun, laid-back summer style as it turns into a more demure fall hair design.

2. Stay Wavy

Wavy is the perfect look for the in-between season, especially if your hair tends to go there naturally. If this is the case, then after you shower all you need to do is use a leave-in conditioner on wet hair, allow your hair to air dry and then, if you want more defined curls, take several inch-wide sections from the top of your head and twist them before allowing your hair to air dry thoroughly.

No natural waves? No worries. You can still create the natural wavy look with a skinny-barreled curling iron and a teasing comb. With the iron and comb, you’ll also want salt spray as one of your choice hair styling products. Use the comb and the texturizing salt spray to add texture and volume. Want your waves to look a little more lived in? Use a large-barrel curling iron instead, and then mist on a shine spray to polish your look.

Mix up the part in your hair to give it that perfectly piecey texture and full-bodied movement. A flipped-over part gives your wavy hairstyle an effortlessly tousled look. Use a wave spray, part your hair as you usually do and then flip the piece to the opposite side. Voila! Instant bombshell.

3. Buns, Buns, Buns

Buns are some of the most versatile updos that have never gone out of style. That’s why they’re the best classic updos for both hot and cool weather. Have fun with buns by going high and messy. Turn heads by throwing in a braid at the base.

When doing a low bun, have pieces casually poking out of the back and flowing out of the front while the top is teased at the crown to dress it up à la Meghan Markle. Wrap a tightly plaited braid around the base of your bun for a bit of texture. If you’re not quite sure if you want an updo or to keep your hair down, use the half-up bun by keeping it high and toward the back of the head while the rest of your hair remains down.

  • Loungewear Style —  Fall is the best time of year for cozy leggings and hoodies, so why not rock a loungewear hairstyle to match? This may mean playing with accessories. A barrette is a chic and tiny accent for your hair that keeps any flyaways at bay while adding a little personality. Add a flower behind one ear to look like an off-duty model. In between seasons, you can go for a summer tropical floral look or head straight for fall with classics such as the sunflower.
  • Let It Loose — When in doubt, go natural. It’s the trendy thing to do! Your hair has its own story to tell. If you let it speak for itself, what would it say? Is your hair straight, sleek and shiny? Is your hair naturally voluptuous, curly and gravity-defying? Is your hair beautiful, wavy and always looks like you woke up as perfectly as that? Whatever it may be, lean into it and let it shine!

You’re sure to fall in love with any of these fun and stylish hairstyles. The best part is that they are easy to wear all day so that you can look chic with minimal effort all season long and then easily transition into your next look.

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