26 Trendy Fall Hairstyles for Every Hair Type

This TikTok-approved hack may be the easiest elevated pony style you’ll find on the internet. Whether you prefer your pony low or high, just make sure you’ve got some extra hair ties for a classy and refined take on the classic ponytail. The more you fluff each section, the bigger the bubble becomes so go as bold or as minimal as you please.

5. Hair Barrettes

Cute fall hairstyles are nice but maximalism is very much in and the easiest way to incorporate it into your look is through bold hair accessories. Gemstones, big fonts, and pearls are all having a moment – as seen on the likes of Dua Lipa, Lizzo, and Ariana Grande. There is no such thing as too much when it comes to this trend.

6. Berets

The timeless beret gets an A+ for never going out of style. This classic French accessory is the height of sophistication, can elevate even the simplest of outfits, and is a savior if you don’t want to show your hair or head. Go for a warm brown to compliment your fall wardrobe.

7. Furry Hats

As the evenings get cooler, you have every reason to accessorize to your heart’s desire. When beanies or berets feel a bit too safe, a wide-brim fluffy hat is the ultimate choice. It’s a stand-out piece that channels main character energy and is the most practical item in chilly weather, especially if you have a buzzcut. From faux fur to cozy shearling, a hat is a perfect way to play around with texture, too. (Not to mention, it’s also Rihanna-approved.)

8. Headbands

Gossip Girl’s impact lives on in 2021 through the rise of headbands. The show’s reboot has re-ignited all sorts of nostalgia and a surge in the preppy aesthetic is one of them. If you didn’t get the chance to embrace your inner Blair Waldorf back then, now is the time.

9. Braid Crown

Using your own hair to create a headband look is a major life hack. This versatile style would look great with any parting or with your hair brushed back like Yara Shahidi. It’s the perfect go-to on days when you’re looking to avoid putting heat on your hair and a creative variation of the headband trend.

10. Flipped Ends

In keeping with the boom of preppy styles this fall, flipping your ends upwards is a retro twist that works best on short hair. Longer styles can get the most of this look by putting their hair into a ponytail and using a straightener to flick the ends.

11. Chignons

It can be tempting to put your hair in a bun when you want it out of your face so here’s an easy alternative. A simple chignon simply requires pulling your hair into a ponytail, vertically twisting it upwards, and securing it with a claw clip. This style looks immaculate with minimal effort.

12. Claw Clips

Even if your hair is not long enough for a chignon, keep your up-dos in place with a claw clip this fall. The ‘90s hair accessory is making a much-needed comeback in colors like tortoiseshell and jade and we can’t complain. Not only is this look beginner-friendly, but it’s also a quick go-to for school or work.

13. Zig-Zag Parting

On days when you want to switch up your slicked bun, go for a zig-zag parting to the side or middle. Customizing your part is a major throwback from the mid-’00s that takes a bit of patience but the final look is totally worth it. Getting Justine Skye’s style simply requires a rat tail comb and some gel or hairspray for an extra sleek part.

14. Wolf Cut

Billie Eilish’s blonde hair reveal simultaneously broke the internet and racked up one million likes in just six minutes, per the BBC. In what feels like a graduation from the mullet trend, the singer’s layered bob and shaggy bangs are known as a wolf cut and have been a popular style with K-Pop stars for years. It’s edgy, wearable and one to add to the list if you’re looking to reinvent your look just like Billie.

15. Curtain Bangs

Luscious curtain bangs are a trend straight out of the ’70s. There are no limits here – the bolder the bang, the better. It’s flattering on every face shape and is the most casual way to achieve a stunning look.

16. Wispy Bangs

The variety of bang options is endless these days, but the ultra wispy bang is arguably the most underrated. To achieve this look, try curling thin layers of your bangs inwards and keep the curl tight. It’s cute, quirky and a fun take on a hair trend that’s here to stay.

17. Curly Baby Hairs

In the same vein, curly baby hairs are taking over TikTok. The trend is a welcomed change from the typical super sleek look. The key to this “messy” style is only adding gel to the root of your baby hairs, and curling the ends so they stick out. Perfection is not the goal, instead, creating airy and whimsical ringlets is what you should aim for.

18. Space Buns

When it comes to casual updos, space buns take the crown. The style is an effortlessly chic way to experiment with your look – whether you wear you have naturally straight hair, waves, or wear your hair in protective styles like braids. If you can, go for a more cool and undone look by keeping your ends untucked and loosening a few free pieces of hair at the front.

19. Twisted Ponytail

The best thing about fall is having a bunch of holidays to celebrate. When it’s time to dress up your hair also has to look the part. Enter the twisted low pony. It oozes elegance and grace, just make sure you curl your ends for an extra glamorous touch.

20. Scrunchies

Something about fall feels a little more luxurious than any other season. It’s the perfect time to switch out your regular hair ties for an oversized scrunchie. Use this opportunity to play around with cozy textures like velvet and satin. This style gets extra points for versatility, as scrunchies look just as good in your hair as they do worn on the wrist.

21. Jumbo Braids

If you are looking for fall hairstyles for Black hair, don’t disregard jumbo braids. The beauty of jumbo braids is that they’re one of the quickest protective styles you can do. In little time, you can have your hair tucked away from the elements and get a break from doing your hair every morning. Play around with this look by going for a fall color like auburn or cherry red and don’t be afraid to experiment with your parting shape. If you’re open to a challenge and have some extra time on hand, try going for triangles or the increasingly popular “cupid” heart-shaped part. If in doubt, the standard box parting is a tried and tested winner.

22. Bob Braids

Bob braids are another quick protective style for Black hair that can be perfect for fall. If you’ve ever questioned whether a short look is for you, braids are the easiest way to try it out before committing to a haircut. This cropped length also means you can try every color and braid trend without the super long take-down time. Cute and efficient!

23. Beads

And when you find yourself getting bored of your braids, why not add some beads for a completely new look? For all the fall vibes you could ever need, go for autumnal tones like brown, orange, and muted greens.

24. Pony Braid

The most versatile braid of all is the ponytail. She works for every occasion, most hair types, and usually stays looking just as good at the end of the day which makes it the perfect back-to-school style. If you’re looking to up the drama, add some extensions for extra length.

25. Hair Bows

Adding a bow to your look is an elegant way to dress up your favorite styles. The best thing about this accessory is the variety on offer. From oversized to mini and muted black to rich jewel tones, there is a bow for every mood and occasion.

26. Rubber Bands

When time is of the essence, focus on the hair framing your face. Gigi Hadid’s rubber band look is super simple but is giving exactly what it needs to. You can recreate the exact look with a few rubber bands and change up the vibe opting for different colors and even mixing and matching. If you don’t have any on hand, simply braiding each section will achieve a similar look.

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