10 Everyday Earrings Jewelry Designers Wear

Earrings are uniquely personal. They’re often the smallest piece in an outfit, but they can make the largest impact with an avant-garde shape or sentimental gemstone. And as anyone who’s spent the last 18 months on Zoom knows, earrings are one of the few ways to communicate your personal style in a virtual world.

With fewer occasions than usual to wear statement earrings, it’s more important than ever to have a chic pair for everyday use. But what are the best earrings to wear day in and day out, really? We ask 10 jewelry designers to shop their lines for us, selecting the earrings they wear 24/7. Among these experts’ favorites, you’ll find the earrings you won’t want to take off.

Chari Cuthbert, founder and creative director at ByChari

“My favorite pair of earrings are our Sade hoops. There is no one more sexily elegant for inspiration than that gorgeous chanteuse, Sade. They are lightweight and effortless, but have an element of boldness that can be worn simply or as a statement. I barely notice them when I’m running around to meet with vendors and clients. I love to start with a longer or bolder piece like the Sade as a base, then I gently layer a little diamond and sparkle as I travel up the curve of my ear with a chained earring and a stud. I also have a cartilage piercing. I add a pavé diamond hoop to it as my go-to.”

Sade Hoops

Gold hoops that can kick off a layered earscape or hang alone. 

Khadijah Fulton, founder and designer at White/Space Jewelry

“My favorite pair of ‘everyday earrings’ is often the newest ones I’ve designed! Lately, I’ve been rocking our brand-new Mini Esme Pavé Studs. I only have one piercing in each ear, so I love that the stone setting on these is eye-catching and super sparkly, but the delicately curved design feels surprising. The workmanship is elevated enough to work with a dressier look for dinner, but also brings that little bit of extra oomph to a more casual summer tee or breezy dress.”

Mini Diamond Esme Studs

It’s the subtle twist for us.

Lisa Bubbers, cofounder and chief marketing officer at Studs

“My favorite everyday earring is the Studs Mini Pavé Huggie. It is perfect for first-lobe piercings as a pair or stacked in second lobe piercings after a chunkier hoop. It’s inexpensive but looks really premium, and it’s durable and safe for sensitive ears. They’re a Studs best seller, and I have them in every color but wear the clear most often. This one is seven millimeters’ inner diameter, but we also have them in [larger] sizes so you can earscape a pavé huggie stack up your ear in graduating sizes for multiple holes.”

Mini Pavé Huggie

A small hoop that makes an outsized impact in a stacked earscape.

Gina Love, cofounder and designer at Auvere

“Probably because I am a jewelry designer, I have lots of earrings to choose from every day. I usually try to mix things up, but this summer, I’ve found myself gravitating to Auvere’s Golden Arrow Threader Earrings on a daily basis. I have sensitive skin, so I appreciate that these earrings are hypoallergenic because of the high gold content. I also love that they make a bold impact while being as light as a feather. I usually wear them with ear cuffs: the Double Moon Ear Cuff or the Lunar Ear Cuff. The round shape and thickness of the Double Moon Ear Cuff contrasts nicely with the lightness of the threader earrings. In terms of styling them with outfits—the Golden Arrow Threaders are versatile. They are casual and easy to wear with denim, yet they look elegant and flirty with a light summer dress.”

Golden Arrow Threader Earrings

These threaders and a solid ear cuff make a perfect pair. 

Sophie Kahn, cofounder at Aurate

“For starters, I never match my left and right earrings, a habit I’ve had since forever (symmetry isn’t my thing). Lately, I’ve been wearing our Lioness Hoop Earrings on my left ear since it’s such a statement piece in and of itself. We designed this hand-in-hand with Kerry Washington, and it was a true labor of love. On my right ear with two piercings, I’ve been wearing our Deco Fan Pearl Earring, Love Me Knot Diamond Huggies, and, of course (always), our Mini Diamond Ear Cuff. I love mixing and matching 14-karat gold, vermeil, pearls, and diamonds, and I also love the fact that our ear cuff allows you to rock a cuff without that painful extra piercing. I’m on vacation right now and have literally worn this ear stack all week—it’s perfect for everyday but also to go out. And it’s extremely comfortable, not an unnecessary luxury when you have two kids running around.”

Lioness Pendant Hoop Earrings

We’ll never say no to extra embellishment.

Shelley Sanders, cofounder and creative director at The Last Line

“Choosing one pair of earrings for me is virtually impossible. I should note that I have 17 piercings, so I think it’s fair to say that! Regardless of the day (or occasion), you can find me in some sort of a hoop, which at the moment is probably a large diamond biggie. If I can gush a bit, they are a perfect diamond hoop. The stones are sizable, and they have a larger width than a huggie, so they are big enough to stand out in an ear game but comfortable enough for all-day wear. You can style them classically, side by side, if you have multiple piercings for a duo moment, or literally anywhere on the ear. I can guarantee compliments will follow.”

14k Yellow Gold Large Diamond Biggie

Going for gold (and diamonds).

Annette Lasala Spillane, founder at Limnia

“The Prima Ear Cuff and Threaders set are the earrings I reach for most often. Worn in that combination, it brings together elements I really love: curved lines, cuffs, and pearls. They’re weightless, which is so important when you have a day packed with activities. When I’m feeling like my outfit needs a bit of a boost, I wear the pair on one ear, and sometimes I leave one threader hanging long and layer them with tiny diamond studs. (Mine are from Maria Tash, from when I got the original piercings.) Or I can thread the threaders through my two piercings for a double loop effect. But I also love that I can wear these pieces separately on my multiple piercings—I have four on each ear—so when I’m in the mood and have time, I will earscape with other pieces. I have worn the cuffs as the bookend on a row of small hoop earrings. Sometimes, I’ll stack a combo of a threader on the first piercing, a small hoop on the second piercing, and a stud on the third piercing.”

The Prima Ear Cuff and Pearl Threaders Set

One piece for multiple piercings? We’re sold.

Jackie Burke, founder and chief executive officer at Tini Lux

“My favorite earrings are our Small Long Weekend Hoops. I wear them almost every day! I used to not be able to wear earrings regularly, because I am allergic to the metals found in most fashion jewelry, but Tini Lux earrings are made from biocompatible materials, meaning they will not irritate sensitive skin—not to mention these hoops are so light I don’t even feel them. Right now, I’m really into the double-hoop look, so I usually wear them in the second hole with our braided Getaway Hoops in the first hole. I think it’s a little unexpected and cooler to have the smaller hoop in the front.”

Small Long Weekend Hoops

Ready and waiting for your next earring stack. 

Catherine Mahugu, cofounder at Soko

“Our Bidu Fanned Studs easily transition from day to night. I love how these can work in any environment. But more importantly, each piece is handcrafted by our artisan partners in Kenya and directly supports their independent workshops. Knowing that they’re beautiful and have beneficial value is the best part.”

Bidu Fanned Stud Earrings

A textured remix on a classic gold stud. 

Rony Vardi, founder at Catbird

“My earring goals are easy and sparkly. My number one, every day, never-take-them-off earrings are diamond huggie hoops, particularly our Snow Queen Hoops. They hug the ear just right, and the rose-cut diamonds give off a more subdued flash. With multiple piercings, I like to balance the scale with something tiny next, like the Diamond Pinprick Stud, which almost looks like a floating diamond in your ear, a glint of light. And then a Baby Pearl Hoop Supreme—the doubling of my hoops is a deliberate balance, and this modernized pearl adds the right softness.”

Snow Queen Hoop

A classic shape with a hint of sparkle—just what Vardi suggests. 

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